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We must be able to reach the nests to perform the Free Wasp Removal. Wasps can cause problems around residential and commercial buildings. Most are social insects that live in colonies. They aggressively defend their nests by stinging. The sting usually involves the injection of venom, which is painful and can cause death for those with allergies. Call us for any pest control needs.

Property owners who want to eliminate wasps safely and efficiently should contact Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control. Our team will use humane methods to relocate these stinging insects, thus allowing homeowners peace of mind and freedom of movement.

Reasons To Leave Wasp Extermination to Professionals

Wasp Removal Services by Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control - Palm Harbor FL

A wasp colony located close to their home or commercial building can frustrate any owner and tempt them to consider DIY removal methods. However, they should leave wasp extermination to the professionals for several reasons.

Wasps aren’t the friendliest of insects. They are quite aggressive when they feel threatened. In these situations, wasps will attack the perceived threat, inflicting as much pain as possible. Numerous stings can land people in a hospital, even if they aren’t allergic to wasps.

Wasps rarely inhabit only the outdoor nest. Instead, they infiltrate the home, swarming in hard-to-reach corners. Professionals know this pattern of behavior, so they’ll ensure to completely eradicate all members of the wasp colony, regardless of their hiding spot.

Homeowners who are fearless and determined to eliminate every wasp rarely own the most effective equipment to do the job. In contrast, professionals will have special protective gear to decrease their chances of being stung and the necessary tools to reach hard-to-access areas.

Type Of Wasps

Cicada Killer, Specius Speciosus

This wasp is one and a half inches long, and brown or black with light-yellow markings on the last three abdominal segments. Although a solitary wasp, colonies of wasps may nest in the same area. Each female digs its hole up to 10 inches deep. It stings and paralyzes cicadas, placing one in the hole with an egg. Closely related species attack and kill flies.

Mud Dauber Wasp, Sphecidae

This black wasp has a long, thin waist and is not a social wasp. It is not overly aggressive and rarely stings people. However, it often builds its mud nests close to human activity.

Mud Dauber Brood Chamber

The mud dauber constructs brood chambers from mud on the sides of buildings and under eaves. The wasp stings and paralyzes spiders, lays an egg, and seals them inside a mud chamber. The wasp larva feeds on the spiders after hatching. A hole in the mud chamber means the wasp has emerged.

Paper Wasp, Polistes Spp

The paper wasp is often black with red or yellow markings or yellow with brown markings. They are aggressive and readily sting when they feel threatened. People are often stung when trimming shrubbery or cleaning nests from the eaves of houses.

Paper Wasp Nest

Paper wasp nests are shaped like an inverted umbrella and made of a papery material. A single comb holds up to 250 wasps, and nests are often built under the eaves or on branches of shrubs. Eggs are laid in a cell, and when the larvae hatch, the mature wasps feed them, foraging for caterpillars and other small insects for food.

Yellow Jacket, Vespula Spp

The yellow jacket wasp is about half an inch long and has alternating yellow and black markings on its abdomen. The wasp will aggressively defend itself or the nest; since the stinger is not barbed, it can sting repeatedly.

Yellow Jacket Nest

The nest can be quite large for some colonies of yellow jackets. It is made of a papery material. Inside, the new nest has layers of combs to raise the brood. Some nests are aerial and some are subterranean. People are usually stung when they step into or disturb a nest.

Health Threats Posed by Wasps

Wasps pose a serious health threat to humans and animals alike. They can deliver venomous stings that cause localized burning pain, swelling, itching, and general discomfort. Depending on the species of wasp, the sting may also lead to an allergic reaction ranging from mild to life-threatening, depending on an individual’s sensitivity. Severe reactions such as anaphylaxis or shock are possible in cases of multiple stings or if injected by a particularly nasty species of wasp. People prone to allergies should take extra caution when outdoors since there is no way to determine the level of venom present in any particular species of wasp.

Wasp Removal Services by Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control - Palm Harbor FL

Furthermore, wasps sometimes build their nests near human dwellings and commercial establishments, which pose additional dangers due to their aggressive nature. Nests often contain hundreds of insects that will swarm anyone or anything that threatens them, creating a hazardous situation. In cases like this, it’s best to leave the area immediately or contact a professional pest control company for assistance before attempting to remove the nest yourself.

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