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The termite treatment at Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control prioritizes ridding the property of termites before they cause extensive damage. However, the commitment to using eco-friendly products and tools sets us apart from similar services. These products protect humans and their pets against health risks caused by toxic chemicals while still effectively eliminating pests.

In addition, our highly trained team will customize the termite treatment plan to the specific challenges presented on the property. For this reason, we first conduct a thorough inspection to determine the termite species inhabiting the property, the colony’s size, and the damage’s extent. Then, we apply a treatment tailored to the situation at hand.

When dealing with termites, time equals money. So, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control offers same-day and emergency termite treatment, allowing homeowners to deal with this issue in record time. Besides speed, our team guarantees quality, going above and beyond to return the property to its former condition.

Our award-winning company has over 40 years of experience and consists solely of licensed and highly trained individuals.

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control is a trusted company that specializes in providing comprehensive termite treatment and control solutions. With their expertise and commitment to environmentally friendly practices, they have gained a strong reputation in the industry.

Termite infestations can cause significant damage to properties, compromising the structural integrity and leading to costly repairs. Therefore, it is crucial to address termite problems promptly and effectively. Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control offers a wide range of services to combat termites and ensure long-term protection for homes and businesses.

One of the key aspects of Green-Tech’s termite treatment and control approach is their commitment to eco-friendly practices. They understand the importance of protecting the environment while eliminating termite infestations. Green-Tech utilizes advanced technologies and environmentally safe products that are effective in eradicating termites without posing harm to humans, pets, or the ecosystem. By opting for their services, customers can rest assured that their properties are being protected in an environmentally responsible manner.

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control employs a holistic approach to termite treatment and control. Their team of experts begins by conducting a thorough inspection of the property to assess the severity of the infestation and identify potential vulnerabilities. Based on their findings, they develop a customized treatment plan that suits the specific needs of the property. This tailored approach ensures that the termite problem is effectively addressed and prevents future infestations.

Green-Tech offers a variety of treatment options to combat termites. These options include liquid termiticides, bait systems, and non-toxic alternatives. The selection of the most appropriate treatment method depends on factors such as the type of termites, the extent of the infestation, and the location of the affected areas. Green-Tech’s experienced professionals are well-versed in using these methods effectively, ensuring maximum efficacy in termite elimination and long-term protection.

In addition to their exceptional treatment services, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control also provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance to prevent future infestations. They offer regular inspections to detect any signs of termite activity and take immediate action if necessary. By proactively managing termite risks, Green-Tech helps customers avoid further damage and costly repairs.

When you choose Green-Tech for termite treatment and control, you can expect excellent customer service. Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing thorough explanations of the treatment methods, expected outcomes, and addressing any concerns or questions you may have. They strive for transparency and customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Moreover, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control understands that each property is unique, and they tailor their services accordingly. Whether you require termite treatment for a residential property or a commercial building, they have the expertise and resources to handle projects of all sizes. Their commitment to delivering high-quality services has earned them the trust of countless homeowners and businesses.

In conclusion, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control offers comprehensive termite treatment and control solutions that prioritize eco-friendly practices. With their advanced technologies, customized treatment plans, and ongoing monitoring, they ensure effective elimination of termites and long-term protection for properties. By choosing Green-Tech, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their homes and businesses are in the hands of experienced professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service.

With over 40 years of experience, Frank has learned that the best termite treatment to eliminate subterranean termite and drywood termite problems in the Tampa Bay area is to use natural products that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Natural “green” products are less costly to purchase than the more expensive harsh chemicals that typical pest control companies use for termite treatments, so our clients can feel good about saving money and keeping their families safe.

Termite Treatment Services by Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control - Palm Harbor FL

Termites are a tremendously destructive pest species. For this reason, Tampa Bay area residents who notice signs of termite activity should contact Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control immediately for your next termite treatment. One of the experienced teams will arrive on-site to assess the situation and determine how much damage these insects have caused.

The first step is to stop the damage the termites are currently inflicting on the property. The next step is to eliminate the termites, thus preventing them from causing more costly repairs.

Different types of termites

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites live in the soil, building elaborate nests. These nests can be huge, making termites one of the most accomplished nest-building species in the U.S. Small mud tubes connect these hulking nests to food sources, such as wooden framing, trees, and fence posts, allowing the termites to wreak havoc without being seen. As a result, subterranean termites cause billions of dollars of damage every year.

Drywood termites

Drywood termites typically inhabit wood, primarily dead trees, structural timber, and hardwood floors. They build smaller colonies, making them less devastating than subterranean termites. Also, unlike subterranean termites, the drywood species doesn’t require contact with soil to survive. Therefore, this species can still cause severe damage but at a much slower pace, giving property owners time to stop the infestation.

Signs of termites

Termites can live on a property for an extended period before the owner detects them, giving them time to cause significant structural damage. So, understanding the warning signs of termite activity early on is crucial for minimizing the damage.

Homeowners who notice any of these signs around the property should contact green-tech termite and pest control and schedule an inspection and your next termite treatment: