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Subterranean Termites Treatment

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Tampa Bay is home to multiple championship sports teams, a fair share of snowbirds, and millions of subterranean termites. Like most who call the Tampa Bay area home, subterranean termites enjoy the hot, humid climate and thrive in it. Therefore, any home not protected against termites is at risk of an infestation, and if termites enter a house, they will destroy the wooden structures inside.

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control has been protecting homes in our service area from subterranean termites since 1980. As a result, we have the experience to identify, eliminate, and prevent termite infestations and the damage they cause. Contact us today if your home is not currently protected or if you suspect termites have already gotten inside.

We offer the best subterranean termite treatment options at Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control. We can recommend which treatment method will be most effective based on what we find during our thorough inspection of the property.

Do You Have Subterranean Termites?

Determining if there is a subterranean termite infestation in a home is a challenging task for most homeowners. To survive, subterranean termites must stay underground, out of the sunlight and air. That means homeowners won’t see termites walking around the house unless they happen upon a termite swarm during mating season. Because of that, there are very few signs that termites are in a home until they have caused severe damage.

Subterranean Termite Treatment by Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control - Palm Harbor FL

That’s why it’s wise to have the Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control professionals conduct a termite inspection of a house. We have over 40 years of experience identifying the subtle signs of termite infestations and know where and what to look for to determine if termites have moved in. During our inspection, we’ll check all accessible areas, including the crawl space and attic. Once we complete the inspection, we’ll develop a treatment plan for the home.

Subterranean Termites Treatment Process

Termite treatments can eliminate active colonies and protect homes from future infestations. We recommend that every home have termite control services performed, whether there is an active infestation. At Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control, we offer several conventional treatment methods tailored to the home’s particular termite control needs.

Conventional Treatment Methods

Our conventional methods include the following:

  • Drilling through concrete and treating in the holes.
  • Trenching and treating the soil areas around foundation walls.
  • Injecting foam into plumbing voids on the interior of the structure.
  • Spot applications on active colonies, which may include drilling into wood members.

Our technician then patches any holes made during our treatments after the treatment is complete. We use non-repellent, undetectable liquids that termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid. When exposed to this repellent, they inadvertently spread it to the entire colony, and they all perish. In addition, this product works against other wood-destroying insects, such as carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees.

Additional Subterranean Termite Pest Control Services

We will cut the stucco to expose the concrete slab, apply proper treatment, and allow for adequate air circulation behind the wood frame walls.

We will install a heavy poly plastic to the crawl space floor to prevent moisture problems and reduce the chances of a termite infestation in the crawl space area. This procedure will also keep mildew and fungus from growing and help reduce heating and cooling costs.

We will remove all cellulose wood debris from the crawl space to eliminate a food source for subterranean termites.

We will install floor supports in the crawl space to prevent the subfloor from sagging and falling. This service is usually associated with and necessary when termite and moisture damage has occurred.

This service is for new construction. We apply termiticide, according to the label standards and state regulations governing pre-treatments, to the soil where the concrete slab will be poured.

Can Subterranean Termites Cause Structural Damage

Subterranean termites feed on wood, paper, cardboard, insulation, and other cellulose materials. As they feed on these materials, they can cause significant damage and weaken the structure of a building over time. Damaged components can include wooden support beams, flooring joists, walls, and roofs. If left unchecked, this structural damage can become severe enough to pose a serious risk to the safety of occupants in the home.


According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, homeowners spend more than $2 billion to control subterranean termites and repair the damage caused.

There are three main reasons they can cause structural damage so quickly:

  1. They eat 24/7: Subterranean termite colonies never rest. They set up their colony and immediately eat away at whatever food sources they find. They constantly nibble away at your home’s supporting structures, causing damage quickly and without warning.
  2. They live in the soil: Since these creatures live in the ground, they have easy access to foundations and basement walls that other pests might not be able to reach on their own. They are particularly active in a moist environment because they need to create mud tubes for ease of movement.
  3. They remain unnoticed for long periods: Unlike other pests such as ants or cockroaches, subterranean termites remain largely unnoticed in homes because of their small size and underground lifestyle. By the time you notice signs of an infestation, it could already be too late.

For these reasons, inspect your home regularly for signs of infestation and call a professional if you suspect any pest problem.

A Protected Home Is A Termite-Free Home

Termites are a serious threat to any structure in the Tampa Bay area that doesn’t have termite protection. Keeping a home termite-free or eliminating an active subterranean termite infestation requires professional services at Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control. Our experience is unmatched, and we offer many treatment options to protect our clients’ homes. Contact us today to request a termite inspection.

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