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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a common problem for homeowners and businesses and pose a risk to health and property. Green Tech can help keep them out of yards, gardens, and even homes and businesses.

If there are a small number of squirrels causing problems in the yard, trapping can be a quick and efficient way to deal with the issue. Green Tech uses a variety of traps, including cages and ones with one-way exclusion doors that allow the animal to be trapped but not returned to its former nest or roost.

Many homeowners and business owners will attempt to repel squirrels using DIY methods to keep them out of their homes and business. Some are natural, and others are commercially available. We recommend consulting an expert at Green Tech to determine if this would be an effective strategy for a squirrel problem.

We have also seen many customers attempt to use pepper flakes. Squirrels have a strong distaste for hot spices, so scattering pepper flakes around the yard can help deter them from entering the property. Some people also spray their gardens with a mixture of red pepper flakes and water or mix cayenne, white, or black pepper into a spray bottle and apply it to plants and leaves that squirrels have been chewing on. However, these tricks may not discourage the squirrels.

Repelling is a great way to keep squirrels out of the yard and home, but homeowners need to know the best method to ensure results. Consult Green Tech to determine the best strategy for a particular squirrel problem.

Green Tech will also check any holes or gaps in the roof and attic where squirrels may enter. Property owners can prevent these routes by removing branches that overhang the building and sealing all potential entry points with a mesh guard or metal flashing.

Other tips include keeping shrubs trimmed and pruning overgrown trees. Squirrels can gnaw at the bark of mature trees and saplings, which will cause damage.

Squirrels can also be trapped and removed from the home using a live trap. This method will eliminate the problem and ensure that the animal is humanely removed from the property.

When dealing with a squirrel infestation, it is essential to consider all available options and hire a qualified exterminator who can help a home- or business owner safely deal with the problem. Ensure that the exterminator explains all fees associated with the work and be prepared to answer any questions the exterminator might have.

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