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Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment - Make Neighbors Green with Envy

Our goal is to help improve the look of your yard and lawn through our green lawn treatment solutions. More importantly, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control wants to ensure that the family and pets are safe, which is why we use natural products that won’t harm people, pets, or the environment. Lawns look fuller and greener with our lawn spraying service in Tampa Bay. We also help keep the pests out of the home as well. Sod webworms are prevalent in the Tampa Bay area, and we ensure we eliminate these bugs from the yard. Our clients love our eco-friendly lawn spraying and pest control services for a people and pet-safe approach to caring for a yard and home.

Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Treatment

Understanding the Difference​

Lawn maintenance refers to all the activities that help maintain a healthy, thriving lawn, which includes core aeration, mowing, edging, fertilizing, irrigating, and soil testing. Core aeration removes small cores of grass and soil from the turf to reduce compaction while allowing water and other essential nutrients to reach the plants’ roots more efficiently. Mowing keeps the grass at an even height.

Edging keeps the edges of your lawn neat by removing overgrown grass or weeds. Fertilizing adds vital nutrients to the soil, while irrigation ensures an adequate water supply to promote healthy root growth and prevent drought-like conditions. Finally, soil testing can provide valuable information about your soil’s nutrient levels and pH balance so you can adjust accordingly for optimal results.

In contrast to lawn maintenance activities, lawn treatment involves using pesticide products such as herbicides or pesticides to control pests and weeds on your property. Herbicides are chemicals used primarily for weed control since they kill most weeds without harming the surrounding grass or plants.

Pesticides are used for insect control since they target specific species like fleas, ticks, or ants without harming other organisms on the property. While these products can effectively control pests and weeds, they must be appropriately applied according to product instructions to minimize health risks.


Human And Pet-Safe Lawn Treatment

We have the best service available for lawn treatment and ornamental pest control in the Tampa Bay area. We provide six services a year. In addition, we recommend two additional fertilizations and a potash treatment. If watered adequately and the grass allowed to grow at least three to four inches long, the lawn will be the best-looking in the neighborhood.

Green-Tech Lawn Treatments

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control uses the best lawn treatment products in the business. We use insecticide and weed-treatment products and fertilize the lawn four times a year. Additionally, Green-Tech technicians will apply micro-nutrient treatments to the yard all year long and treat it with potash in the Winter. Clients are to allow the lawn to grow four inches immediately and water 40 minutes per zone once a week or 30 minutes per zone twice a week. Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control will have the lawn looking the best in the area, guaranteed.

Lawn Treatment in The Area for Over 40 Years

Lawn treatment and lawn care are our expertise. Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control will improve the appearance of trees, bushes, and landscaping with the natural micro-nutrients we use on the lawn. Our comprehensive lawn analysis evaluates the soil, grass type, and lawn to determine their specific fertilization needs. Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control ensures that clients will enjoy their healthy, green lawn after just a couple of treatments. In addition to fertilization, we spray safe pest control products on the lawn to keep the bugs from moving indoors. If we keep the bugs out of the yard, they will never enter the home!

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