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Commercial Pest Control

Green Tech Termite and Pest Control

Don’t let pests interfere with business. Business owners can’t afford bugs in restaurants, stores, or commercial buildings. For dependable commercial pest control in the Tampa Bay, FL, area, business owners can rely on Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control. We provide pest extermination solutions that are effective yet safe for people and pets.

Successful commercial pest control takes more than applying products to the infected areas. It requires an in-depth inspection to identify the pest species, their entry points, and the damage they’ve inflicted.

After completing the treatment, it’s essential to seal all the entry points, thus preventing the infestation from repeating. Otherwise, businesses will have to close frequently, causing a significant loss of revenue.

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control offers same-day and emergency services to prevent businesses from losing money. In addition, we offer preventative treatments for business owners who don’t want to risk a pest infestation. We can customize these treatments to target any pest species that has troubled a business or is known to frequent the area.

Besides ridding a business of pests, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control performs lawn spraying and lawn care services. These services can significantly improve the appearance of the lawn and surrounding trees and bushes. A beautiful landscape is essential for a business’s curb appeal, so these services will make clients and customers feel more welcome on the property.

Our team of expert technicians knows how to identify potential areas for breeding, nesting, and infestations. They have also been trained on the most up-to-date methods for controlling pests, including various non-chemical solutions like mechanical devices and traps and chemical pesticides.

Green Tech has access to a wide selection of powerful insecticides that are safe and highly efficient at eliminating pests. Furthermore, our technicians have specialized experience with various types of pests commonly found in commercial spaces, such as cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, ants, wasps, and raccoons. Furthermore, our technicians have specialized experience with various types of pests commonly found in commercial spaces.

We are proud to be the go-to provider for businesses in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties, providing top-notch pest control services that fit individual needs.

Affordable Commercial Pest Control

Let our commercial pest control company put your business in a positive light by ridding the place of bugs and pests. We provide preventative treatment and same-day pest control services to ensure businesses are safe and pest-free. No bug or rodent is too elusive for us to remove. Our commercial exterminator specializes in the effective removal of all of the following bugs and pests:

Rodents & Rats, Bats, Wildlife, Raccoons, Ants & Spiders, Termites, Armadillos, Birds, Skunks & Squirrels, Possums, Cockroaches, Mice, Snakes, Bed Bugs, Ticks & Fleas, Bees & Wasps

Leading Commercial Pest Control

Business owners need to spend time catering to their customers and providing the best products and services possible. However, commercial spaces look and operate differently from residential properties. As such, they require more extensive treatment and a specialized approach and business owners should pay particular attention when hiring a commercial pest control company.

There are multiple reasons why Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control is the leading commercial pest control company in the Greater Tampa Bay area. The company has built an excellent reputation over more than 40 years in business, thanks to a licensed and insured team of highly-trained professionals.

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control stands out among pest control companies for its commitment to using exclusively green products and tools. These are excellent products, and have the added benefit of protecting the property, its inhabitants and visitors, and the environment from harmful chemicals. These eco-friendly products cost less, allowing Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control to offer a wide range of commercial pest control services that won’t break the bank.

In addition, we offer free estimates and inspections that will help business owners determine the type of service that best meets their needs. Our specialists will conduct a thorough walkthrough of the property, inside and out, to understand the full scope of the issue, focusing on the pest species and their entry points. From there, they will propose a personalized plan, aiming to rid the business of pests with as little disruption as possible.

At Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing speedy, effective, and safe pest control services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Available For Emergency Services

Don’t close the doors for a bug problem. We can ensure you do not lose money and time by offering emergency pest control services. We offer pest control for businesses that give peace of mind and allow owners to keep their doors open while we resolve bug concerns.

Contact us to schedule a same-day inspection of a home or business. We provide pest control services for residential and commercial customers in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Largo, Bellaire, St Petersburg, New Port Richey, and Seminole, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

We offer free removal of wasps, mud daubers, and spider webs (as long as we can reach them) after each service.