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We Tell the Bees to Buzz Off!

Are there places where bees and wasps have taken up residence on your property? Tell them to “buzz off” using Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control for bee control in Tampa Bay, FL. Our professionals effectively, yet humanely, relocate the insects that have colonized in residential or commercial properties. Armed with the right products and equipment, we remove these pests so property owners never need to worry about being stung again.

Beehive Removal

Our experienced team of beekeepers uses specialized equipment to safely remove all types of hives without causing any harm to the bees or their environment. The removal process also includes an inspection of the hive and surrounding areas to ensure that all traces of honeybees are gone. We also provide further preventative measures and maintenance services to protect your property from future infestations.

Bee Swarm Removal

At Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control, we understand the distress associated with a swarm of bees on your property. We offer fast, safe, and effective removal services to quickly eliminate these hazardous pests. Our team of certified technicians will arrive in full protective gear to remove the bees humanely, restoring your peace of mind safely and swiftly. With our cutting-edge techniques and modern tools, we can provide efficient and complete removal that’s tailored to your unique needs. Don’t let an unsightly and potentially dangerous bee swarm impact your quality of life.

Live Bee Removal

Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control is committed to providing efficient, humane and safe live bee removal services. We understand the importance of bees to our environment, so we take extra care in providing professional and sustainable solutions. Our team of highly trained experts use a variety of specialized equipment and methods, such as vacuuming, capturing, and relocating to ensure that the job is done efficiently and safely. We also provide comprehensive follow-up services such as nesting relocation, hive maintenance, and pest control advice.

Africanized Bees Vs. European Honeybees

Africanized Bees, also known as “killer bees,” are a hybrid species of honeybee created through crossbreeding. They are known for their extremely aggressive behavior and powerful sting. Africanized bees were first introduced in Brazil in 1956 when they escaped from a beekeeping experiment. Since then, they have spread across much of Central and South America and the Southern United States, where they outcompete the native European honeybee.

Africanized Bees are smaller to European honeybees but much more defensive; they will attack in larger numbers and pursue their target for up to a quarter-mile. The venom of an Africanized bee is more potent than that of a European honeybee and can be fatal in rare cases. When Africanized bees sense danger, they become agitated quickly and release an alarm pheromone that causes other hive members to respond aggressively. This makes it difficult for beekeepers or intruders to approach them safely.

European Honeybees are the most common type of honeybee found around the world and the ancestor species used to create the Africanized variety. They are significantly less aggressive than their Africanized counterparts, rarely stinging unless provoked by direct contact or loud sounds that mimic those made by predators. Despite being considered relatively docile in comparison to Africanized bees, they still demonstrate defensive behaviors if disturbed or threatened, such as releasing alarm pheromones or forming a protective ball around the queen when under attack.

European honeybees can be identified by the bright yellow stripes on their abdomen and longer wingspan relative to Africanized bees. Unlike Africanized bees, which prefer warm climates with dry summers and mild winters, European honeybees thrive in temperate climates with wet summers and cold winters. This is due to their tolerance for cold temperatures and ability to store food supplies during winter months.

Keep The Family Safe with Bee Removal Services

Removing bees takes more than insect spray. If we don’t remove the nest, the bees will return. Once bees build a hive, hiring a professional for reliable bee removal is essential. Improper removal of a nest can sometimes make the bees angry. Once upset, they may fly hundreds of yards to sting anyone who seems to be a threat. Rely on our skilled team to do it the safe way.

Affordable Bee Removal

Most people don’t study insects. They’d rather not be bugged by bugs! But, if there is a wasp hive somewhere on a building or the property, it can be dangerous. Depend on our team for reliable and safe wasp control. We ensure our clients don’t have to worry about being stung.

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