Bird Removal

Green Tech Termite and Pest Control

For birds that have outworn their welcome, we have a reliable solution to safely and humanely relocate them. Our bird and wildlife control solutions are safe for humans, birds, and the environment.

Some of our bird management solutions:

  • Bird netting
  • Netting hardware
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird wire
  • Laser bird control
  • Bird traps
  • Sonic & ultrasonic deterrents
  • Visual scares & predator decoys

The Importance of Bird Control

Property Damage

Pigeons, seagulls, and other birds can cause significant property damage, pecking or scratching at surfaces or nesting on ledges. Their actions can lead to staining or even structural damage.

Health Risks

Birds carry a variety of diseases that can be dangerous to humans and animals alike, such as salmonella and avian influenza. Bird droppings also contain high levels of bacteria, potentially spreading these diseases.

Fire Hazards

Birds often nest in areas near electrical wiring, which could start a fire if the wires become exposed due to pecking or scratching. Most often, a fire would happen during dry periods when vegetation is particularly flammable.

Noise Pollution

The loud calls some bird species make can be disruptive and annoying for those nearby. They can interrupt daily activities and disrupt sleep patterns, leading to other health-related problems.

Keep Pests Away

Birds often bring other pests into the area and create an environment that’s attractive to them. If birds are present, rodents, insects, and other critters will be drawn to the area, leading to potentially dangerous infestations.

Improve Aesthetics

Birds’ droppings tend to be unsightly, especially when they accumulate in large numbers over time around buildings and outdoor structures like decks or patios. Taking steps towards controlling the bird population helps restore the beauty of your home’s exterior.

Bird Control Solutions Safe for Humans and The Environment

Birds are a nuisance and can cause problems for businesses, restaurants, hotels, or homes. At Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control, we’ve been committed to solving bird, pest, and animal problems humanely and with green technology for years. We take pride in that our bird control products are friendly for the environment, humane for people, and safe for the birds. We use:

  • Safe products that deter birds and pests without using harmful pesticides, poisons, or dangerous traps.
  • We use Bird X products. Bird X has provided humane avian pest control solutions for over 50 years.
  • Eco-friendly solutions for keeping birds at bay.
  • Non-toxic bird control and safe bird management solutions for homes and businesses.
  • No strong-scented chemicals.
  • Certified Bird X & Bird Management technician guides our clients through our simple and affordable process to take control of their air space.

Use The Best Products for Bird Management Solutions

Using Bird-X for bird control solutions is a decision that our clients won’t regret. Bird-X is an industry leader in bird-scaring devices for hotels, restaurants, businesses, and homes and is the humane choice for people and birds.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Humane Bird Control
  • We Guarantee Results!
  • Same-Day Inspections
  • Florida State Certified Operator in Bird Management and Bird Control
  • We Beat Our Competitors’ Prices
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