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Don’t let bats drive you batty. We have a reliable solution for bats living in the attic or elsewhere on the property. Even though they give most people the creeps, we’re not afraid of them. We know how to humanely trap, remove, and relocate them to a safe place. By providing effective bat removal in Tampa Bay, FL, Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control ensures that our clients won’t worry about bats again. That’s because we close off any space where bats enter the attic, crawlspace, or other places in a building.

Bat Removal Experts

If you need a batman to take care of bat problems, we conduct permanent, reliable bat removal to address the issue. Brown or black stains around holes in a building are indicative of a bat infestation. Bat droppings are another indication of bat activity. In addition, bats will exit and enter a building in the early evening hours. Rely on us to provide an inspection to determine the extent of the issue.

The Danger of Bats in the Attic

Although bats are often overlooked, they pose a severe threat to the household members’ health and the home’s structure.

After they make their way into the attic, bats defecate. The bat’s droppings, known as guano, quickly accumulate and dry. When this happens, the droppings become a powder, releasing pathogens that can become airborne. These pathogens then easily reach the home’s insulation, spreading bacteria throughout the house and leaving a long-lasting smell.

In addition, a guano buildup can damage the insulation, reducing its efficiency. These droppings are virtually impossible to remove once they settle, which may require that homeowners replace the insulation altogether.

In the worst-case scenario, the bat’s guano can carry a severe respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis. Humans contract this illness by inhaling vapors from the guano, leading to a potentially life-threatening infection.

If a bat dies in the attic, its carcass can put off an unbearable stench that will permeate the home. Furthermore, the decomposing carcass can draw in other pests, leading to another infestation.

Bat Removal Services by Green-Tech Termite and Pest Control - Palm Harbor FL

Early Warning Signs of a Bat Infestation

Noises in the attic or walls: Bats are nocturnal creatures. If strange noises come from the attic or walls late at night, bats may have taken up residence. To confirm this suspicion, look for droppings in these areas. Bat droppings look like small dark pellets with an ammonia-like odor.

Unexplained odors: Bats emit strong odors, which can be challenging to ignore. If an unpleasant odor remains in the house even after cleaning, there may be bats roosting in hidden areas within the property.

Dead bat sightings: Bats have short lifespans. Spotting dead bats inside a home may indicate a larger colony lives nearby. It is especially true if the bodies are found near windows and other possible entry points.

Gaps around doors and windows: Have you noticed gaps or holes that weren’t there before? Bats can squeeze through tiny openings, so even a small gap between your window frame and the wall could be enough to access the home’s interior.

Urine stains on walls: White spots near potential entry points—such as windowsills or vents—may be urine stains left behind by bats.

Bats flying around: If bats fly around the property at dusk, this could indicate a large colony is nearby. Bats usually emerge from their resting places at dusk and return just before dawn, so keep an eye out for any unusual activity during this time frame.

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